Walter learns…


“If you are not a learner, you shouldn’t be teaching!”

I firmly believe that… and also believe that the best method for learning is to teach! In the interest of demonstrating that I am, in fact, a learner I thought it would be appropriate to list some of the courses I take. Maine Real Estate Commission Rules make it a requirement that licensees complete 21 hours of continuing education before renewing a license (every two years).  In my opinion, that’s no where near enough!

(To see where my brain is regarding general stuff including teaching, visit my companion blog of Brain Leaks and Musings.)

April 26, 2012 attended the full day 2012 Fostering Financial Literacy Conference–my third annual and a personal favorite because of the depth, resources, and ideas presented.

April 5, 2012 attended the “Legal Update 2012” course presented by MAR Legal Counsel to hear a synopsis of Maine Laws recently passed and pending and their potential impact on the business of real estate.

February 28, 2012 took the “What Did You Really Mean To Say?” course taught by Arthur Gary showing how many times contracts and agreements do not accurately reflect what the parties intended and meant to say!

February 2, 2012… took the “MAR Purchase and Sale Addendum” three hour course which explored some “best practice” and the legal intricacies of utilizing addendum to contracts involving the purchase and sale of real estate.

November 15, 2011… took the “MAR Purchase and Sale Agreement” three hour course which explored some “best practice” and the legal intricacies of writing an offer to purchase (which, when accepted becomes a purchase and sale agreement).

September 27, 2011… attended a three hour course taught by Arthur Gary entitled “Promoting Public Confidence.” This is the current “core course” required of every licensee before renewing their license. In a strange irony, I was on the committee that developed the course… but all that work was done under my previous license. Since I relicensed after the course was finished, I was required to take it! I’m not complaining, though! It’s always fun and beneficial to be a student.

June 7, 2011… attended a four hour course sponsored by Bangor Savings Bank “Top Ten Reasons Why You Are Not Having a Closing Today.” This course focused on title issues… an area that’s grown in importance lately.  Fortunately, many of these title issues are discovered before the day of closing! Claim rates on title insurance policies have been climbing dramatically… up to 18% of lenders’ polices have experienced claims!

May 12, 2011… attended the full day Financial Literacy Summit in Augusta, sponsored by the Maine Department of Securities and the Jump $tart Financial Smarts for Students Coalition. Once again, I had the opportunity to learn some great teaching techniques and collected a number of incredible resources. This program has got to be one of the best deals going!

April 28, 2011… attended a three hour course entitled, “How Forestry Practices and Laws Can Potentially Affect Your Client” sponsored by the Maine Forest Service. This was about a whole lot more than Maine’s Tree Growth Program!