Students Speak
-- Some Comments from Students

Renee Jarvis

Renee Jarvis


I enjoyed the way Walter taught the subject matter so it would be understood and not just memorized.  I truly love Walter’s teaching style and can’t wait to come back for the associate broker course!




Marc C

Marc Corriveau


If you listen to Walter, pay attention to his anecdotes, ask questions, and study with your fellow students; you are assured to benefit from the Arthur Gary School of Real Estate. I attended his class in September of 2014, and was quickly picked up by the ERA Dawson-Bradford Real Estate Agency in Bangor. Walter’s teaching method and the Arthur Gary class has propelled me into the career I wanted.


I just wanted to say thanks for the class. You taught us what we needed to know to make sure we passed. Thanks again and I hope to work with you some day.



The instructor instilled a level of confidence in his teaching due to experience with the subject matter. I felt extremely comfortable asking questions in relation to the material presented. I have experience teaching/instructing and receiving such in six years of college. I have no issue stating that this instructor is among the top three I have had.


The class was great, the drive to it was not, but once I got here I was never disappointed! I have learned more than I realized and now have more confidence than before. Outstanding! Thanks, Walter!

This one requires some explanation… This young lady is a second grader who decided to do her end of the year essay about some of the volunteer work I do at her school. I guess she counts as a student!

Today you are going to read about Mr. Boomsma. He lives in Abbot. He also loves to read. Mr.  Boomsma loves helping people read. He is a a helpful man. He wants people to live safe also. He is a nice man, too. He also supports children. He goes out to recess with the children sometimes. Mr. Boomsma’s favorite color is blue. He is important to the school because he helps children and is caring too. He has dark, short hair, glasses and always wears his brown shoes and he has a ring on all the time.

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