Student Resources


This page is always “under construction.” If you find something you think should be included, please let me know! You might also try searching this site for posts regarding specific topics.

Helpful Links:

  • Maine Real Estate Commission Website is your “go to” resource for licensing questions and information. You can also find individual licensees, companies, and information about courses.
  • Pearson View Website is where sales agent candidates can schedule their exams and find a link to practice tests. Note that practice tests do not include state specific content; they will only test general (national) content.

Articles and Handouts I’ve Written:

Agency Relationships

  • Agency Relationships Policy provides a simplified overview of the various forms of agency relationships including appointed agency and disclosed dual agency.
  • Brokerage Relationships Simplified is a visual aid designed to help licensees understand the relationships possible in a real estate transaction.

Real Estate Math (chapters from my future book!)

Real Estate Business

Booklets Published by Others:

  •  The Downeaster Guide is an excellent booklet (free for the downloading) covering “finding, buying, and keeping your Maine home.” With a focus on financing, it includes clear summaries of the financing process, plenty of terms, guides to credit scores… you just have to see for yourself. Sales Agent Students will find it especially helpful and Associate Brokers and Brokers will want to consider making it available to clients.
  • Shopping for Your Home Loan is the recently updated HUD Book covering settlement costs and more. A must read!
  • Looking for the Best Mortgage is a great little booklet for buyers and borrowers, published by HUD.
  • Pine Tree Legal Assistance provides an incredible free library of articles on a wide variety of legal topics. The credit, mortgage, and foreclosure topics will be of particular interest to real estate licensees.
  • Shorelands Zoning Handbook by its own omission “is not a substitute for the law, Guidelines, or municipal ordinances,” but it is a useful publication for shoreland property owners.

Books Published by Abbot Village Press: