Think Twice!

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Dec 052017

The spammers and phishers are getting smarter and smarter… but they are still not the brightest bulb on the string! Here’s an email that could sound fairly enticing at first blush:

There are only a couple of problems with it:

  • I am not currently practicing and do not have any listings.
  • The grammar is horrible, another red flag.
  • The links I’m instructed to click on are “weird” sites that do not appear to have anything to do with real estate (I determined that by “hovering” over them.)
  • Etc.

Tempting, isn’t it though?

If you’re working fast slow down. Think twice.


Safety Alert for Licensees!

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Aug 222017

I’ve taken the liberty of reprinting this safety alert published by the Maine Association of REALTORS as it seemed worthy of receiving as much distribution as practical. You can’t be too careful!

Safety Alert!

Please be extra cautious of any inquiries you receive from a Ted Butler ( or 207.745.9939). MAR has received notification from numerous female REALTORS that this person is inquiring about properties in the Merrymeeting and MidCoast areas of Maine claiming to be a cash buyer and looking for waterfront properties, accessible only by boat. After an initial contact, sometimes accompanied by a woman, his communications become lewd and forceful. He has continued to contact the REALTORS via email and cell phone.

Yes – call the police. Please contact the Maine State Police, your county Sheriff’s department, or local law enforcement if you have had any interactions with this person/couple or any other suspicious interactions. Ted Butler may have already changed his name and contact information – and moved on to another area of Maine.

A best practice reminder for REALTOR safety: Always schedule first meetings with new clients/leads in the office, verify their identity by taking a photo of their driver’s license (state that it’s office policy), and introduce them to a colleague…”

Please share this with your colleagues!

Sep 232015

You don’t have to have been in the real estate business for very long before you find yourself in a situation where you feel a bit uncomfortable, if not downright threatened. And, unfortunately, the media often provides a story demonstrating that real estate agents are vulnerable. We of course apply common sense and many companies have policies and practices that provide a level of security.

Thanks to mobile technology, it now becomes possible for anyone (not just real estate folks) to have a “virtual sidekick” along 24/7. Introduced by a company called React Mobile has introduced a product that utilizes an app, Bluetooth technology, and small “panic button” you can wear or carry. The system works a bit like the medical alert systems used in homes.

As I understand it, you program a contact list into the app on your smart phone. If you press your panic button the system calls your list with an announcement indicating you need immediate help. After a 10 second delay, it then calls 911. (There are numerous options and features, this is just a basic explanation of the default settings.) According to the React Mobile Website, the system works with both Android and IOS.

Understand I’ve not researched, tested, or in any way used the product, so this is not an endorsement or recommendation; I’m merely offering the information. The idea certainly makes sense and, as the promotional material suggests, has any number of applications: runners, travelers, even as a way to keep track of a child.

After doing your own research, if you decide to try the product, I’d love to hear how it works out for you!