About This Site


After nearly three years as a fairly basic WordPress “blog” format, the site underwent some major upgrades and additions.  I opted to use a “blog” format primarily for ease of posting and searching. Since most computer users are becoming adept at using search engines and routines finding things here should be almost second nature. Simply enter your key words in the search box prominently displayed at the top left and go for it!

When I decided to start this project, I’d hoped to both fill a gap and demonstrate how I do business. Looking at houses is relatively easy. Finding good, practical information about buying and selling and the business of real estate is not so much so. (I was just advised by a fellow REALTOR that we “should put  a positive spin on everything.” I replied that I don’t sell spin; I work with individual clients.) So you won’t find listings here — for that go to the Maine Choice Realty website.

I’ve opted to keep the ability for visitors to add comments to the various posts in spite of the fact there haven’t been many. (Interestingly, some folks just email me–which is fine and welcomed!)  Obviously, I’ll maintain the right to edit and delete comments. While the intention is to allow for healthy discussion and debate, the anonymity of the Internet does seem to encourage people to “blast away.” Let’s try to keep things civil and on topic.

The “navigation” section (bar across the top)  includes what are called static pages — pages that don’t change much. You’ll also find some links to other sites there as well as in posts. If you find a link that doesn’t work (things change rapidly on the Internet!), please send me a short email.

A short disclaimer is that the site is intended to be educational and informative, but is not intended as legal or professional advice. Please contact the appropriate professional for specific help regarding specific situations.

The key here is to enjoy and learn and benefit. Let me have your suggestions and questions.