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Walter Boomsma

Like most people, I began discovering sales and motivation techniques shortly after birth when I wanted to be fed. Without words, I was able to demonstrate to my parents a benefit to providing me with warm milk. As time passed, I of course learned to talk and began negotiating my way through life, developing an even greater understanding of a fundamental truth: Life is best when everybody wins! That understanding served me well as I worked in retail sales, national account management, sales and management training and organization development.

My career in consulting began in 1985 with the personal mission of developing individual and organization effectiveness. I worked with organizations to implement systems, policies and procedures to support learning and allow employees to excel. I also developed training programs on a wide variety of topics.  As a featured keynote speaker I’ve addressed numerous companies, associations, civic and educational groups on subjects like choosing attitudes, starting your own business, leadership, and the motivation to learn.

In 2002, I opted to apply my sales, consulting, and project management skills to the practice of real estate brokerage and selling and building log homes starting with my own Katahdin log home in Abbot. Many of the lessons I learned early in my consulting career served me well in meeting clients’ real estate needs, but I was drawn again to my first love–teaching–and began teaching the entry-level real estate course for the local adult education program. Shortly thereafter I became associated with the Arthur Gary School of Real Estate while continuing to teach “non real estate” courses in adult education programs.

On a parallel track, my volunteer work with kids became a focus and today I enjoy substitute teaching kindergarten through sixth grade. My experiences with these little people led to the publication of my first book, Small People — Big Brains: stories about simplicity, exploration, and wonder released in 2013.

I also now offer a one day “Substitute Teacher Workshop” and have been certified as a mental health first aid specialist for youth and adults by NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness). This has enabled me to teach a Suicide Awareness and Prevention Program that meets the requirements of LD 609 for public school employees.

Current associations and designations include:

  • Substitute Teacher, Piscataquis Community Elementary and Secondary Schools.
  • Instructor, Piscataquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative
  • Instructor, RSU 19 Adult Education
  • Instructor, MSAD 53 Adult Education
  • Adjunct Instructor, The Real Estate Learning Group
  • Certified Mental Health First Aid Specialist, NAMI
  • Certified Youth Mental First Aid Provider, NAMI
  • Gatekeeper and Suicide Awareness Trainer, NAMI
  • CPR/First Aid Certified, American Heart Association


  • Wow, Walter….the article on BrokerAgent Social today, “Whatever Happened to Discount Brokers” was getting me all steamed up until I read your post. I followed that to your blog and you are WRITING what is trapped in my MIND. I left REMAX in 2008 and have not looked back. I’m in a region where “transaction brokerage” (legalized dual-agency) rules….coming from 20 years corporate work experience, I felt the industry didn’t add up from the start, there’s so much room for improvement (veterans love to tell rookies how it’s done but they are wrong, the market has changed FOREVER…trying to ride this recession out is a mistake, business models and practices must change). So much is designed for the sheep to stay within their comfort zones….well, I think they are on the Titanic and it’s slowly sinking! Thank you for doing what you do–now that I have read more about you, it makes sense that your background is in education, just like the majority of my family. I hope it’s OK if I curate content from your blog so that I can gain some momentum? Blogging is an area that I have been shy about but I need to do more in 2011. Of course my company is on Facebook, but I think it’s dorky just like you do, I do it because “I should”. You present examples of things that make me say, “WOW, THIS IS IT.” Thanks, Sharon

  • Walter

    Gee, thanks for the compliments… as for using stuff from here… no problem! An occasional credit would of course be welcomed. Don’t make blogging harder than it is… Just write!

    I have to chuckle at your comments about veterans. I occasionally say that the fact everybody else is doing something is precisely the reason NOT to do it. Imagine the ad headline: “We’re no different than anybody else.” (You could also adapt that bumper sticker: “I’m unique, like everybody else!”