About Courses


“The instructor did an excellent job teaching with examples, humor, and getting everyone involved.”

Real Estate Courses are offered in conjunction with the Arthur Gary School of Real Estate and include all three pre-licensing courses: Sales Agent, Associate Broker, and Broker. Courses are typically offered twice a year (spring and fall) in the Bangor Area. Pre-licensing course information is listed on the course calendar and the yearly schedule page.

Real Estate Continuing Education courses are listed on course calendar.

Additional adult education courses are offered in association with three Adult Ed Programs:

  • PVAEC based in Dover Foxcroft and Dexter
  • RSU 19 Adult Education based in Newport
  • RSU 53 Adult Education based in Pittsfield

For upcoming courses, check the course calendar. More complete information about these courses can be found on the Brain Leaks and Musings website. Courses range from Substitute Teacher Training to Public Speaking for the Nervous and Frightened.


Sales and dStrategies Workshopkst

Do you need to be more persuasive?  The techniques you will learn have been applied in situations including advertising, public speaking, customer service and even parenting.  This is an action-packed and information-crammed program that’s fun to boot!  You’ll learn, for example, that cows don’t give milk; you actually have to take it!  Or at least you need to know some basic techniques for getting those cows to yield the precious fluid.  We won’t be milking cows, but we will be learning techniques to increase the returns from our sales and influencing efforts.

Brainpower… Discovering Your Mental Abilities

Mental patterns and routines allow us to take in, categorize and handle great amounts of information, but they also account for most of our “stupid mistakes.” With awareness, we can manage the process and increase mental flexibility. After experiencing first-hand the flexibility and potential of the mind, participants learn how they can develop important mental skills such as fact-finding, problem-solving, and “happying.”

Ten Dating Rules to Help Your Job Search

The idea of having a new job is exciting. For most folks the idea of finding that new job is dreadful. This fun seminar will ask you to make job searching a bit more fun by using a few basic marketing principles. You’ll learn how to turn your job search into a program and how a properly designed resume will help you answer tough interview questions. High School Seniors welcome and encouraged to come!

Stand up! Speak up! Shut up!

Do you get sweaty palms and shaky knees when called upon to speak in front of a group? This brief course doesn’t promise to turn you into a great orator, but it will help you get the butterflies in your stomach to fly in formation when you stand in front of a group by having what is called an “enlarged conversation.” Come prepared to participate and have a lot of fun! Bring your butterflies!