Apr 212017

This a screenshot of an email I received today… and I confess I almost clicked the link, thinking I’d received the email in error.

There are several red flags:

  • The email is supposedly from Michelle Morgan at America Title, but her signature line says she’s from RE/MAX.
  • There actually is no file attached– but there are two links to click. Hovering over both links reveals they are both the same link.
  • Both links are “PHP” links. Files that have the .php extension can contain text, HTML tags, and scripts. “Scripts” make me nervous.
  • The link to download the picture is the same link as the other two. Michelle is very determined to get me to click that link.
  • Typos (sellers Disclosure should be Sellers’ Disclosure) are considered indicative of phishing and scam email.

These scammers are getting smarter every day… This one obviously has figured out that I’m somehow involved in real estate and developed an approach that plays on that. (If I had several contracts pending, I’d have been even more likely to click one of the links.) I did “Google” America Title–there is a company called “American Title.” Another ploy scammers use is to use names that are close to legitimate, hoping the victim won’t notice.

It seems to me that we can’t be too careful these days!