Feb 172016

The following notice came today via the Real Estate Commission Listserve:

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Beginning on March 1, 2016, Real Estate Commission licenses will be delivered via email.

Active licenses will be delivered to affiliated licensees’ designated broker at the agency email address on file with the Commission.

Agency licenses will also be emailed to the agency email address.

Inactive licenses will be delivered to licensees’ email address on file with the Commission.

The email sender is displayed as “noreply@maine.gov” and the subject as “YOUR OFFICIAL (license type) LICENSE IS ATTACHED”. Paper licenses will NOT be mailed for licensees with an email address on file.

Individual and agency contact information, including email address, may be updated here.

If it is not apparent, this does not mean everyone’s license will be emailed on March 1, 2016–this refers to new and renewal licenses. In the past, paper copies of licenses were delivered to the designated broker via U.S.P.S. This change means only that electronic copies will be now be emailed to the designated broker. (Designated Brokers would be wise to make certain their agency contact information is correctly listed with the Commission.)

The exception is inactive licenses. Since inactive licenses do not have an agency affiliation, those are sent directly to the licensee. The default method is email.

As a reminder, note that “The license of each broker, associate broker, and sales agent must be delivered or mailed to the designated broker and be kept in the custody and control of the designated broker.” (MRS 32 §13181)