Nov 172014

Brains_99_2SMI suppose the USPS driver thought it a bit odd that I proclaimed “my brains are here!” when he set the box down.

For one thing, it was a fairly large box.

Dealing with test and quiz anxiety is typically a challenge for some adult learners. A few years ago I learned that using stress balls (sometimes called “squeezies”) can help restless children focus… the constant motion seems to release energy and allow the child to focus. So, I thought. “Why wouldn’t this work with adults taking quizzes and tests?”

My first experiment with the theory included a young man who was self-proclaimed “A.D.H.D.” and he actually broke the stress ball I provided. But he also got a pretty good grade and thought having it helped. So I ordered more–different ones that wouldn’t break. The first batch were in the shape of cubes.

These cubes proved popular–so much so that they disappeared quickly. I decided to get a little creative the second  time I ordered… and I was quite pleased to find “squeezies” in the shape of brains. How much more appropriate could things be? Take a test–squeeze your brain! You might be surprised to discover what comes out!

Those too have disappeared… but I now have more!

I’ll be posting the spring schedule of real estate licensing classes soon… sign up for one–brains are provided!