Terrible Real Estate Photographs

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Nov 072013

taking_pictures_PA_150_clrWell… it may not be nice to make fun, but laughter is good for the soul. So here’s a link to a blog/website where the theme is “Terrible Real Estate Photographs. The site owner assures us the photos are legitimate. I believe it. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Warning: Do not view this site unless you are sitting where you can laugh out loud, possibly until the tears start. Be sure you read the captions… and consider sending your “outtakes” to:

Terrible Real Estate Photos


News Flash! Rule Change from MREC

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Nov 022013

realestatenewsMaine Real Estate Commission Announces Rule Change

Rule changes to Chapter 410 concerning Advertising and Inducements have been adopted effective October 22, 2013. Click here to view the changes. You’ll see a PDF file of the original Rules and the changes in red. Those who are licensed should direct any questions to your designated broker!

These changes have effectively reduced the required information in ads, but have increased disclosure requirements when inducements are included. Please read the rule changes for the details.