Changes That Might Go Unnoticed?!

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Aug 152013
carrying_house_pc_400_clr_4461A frequently asked question is “Are you still selling real estate?”

I occasionally joke in reply, “Not much!”

Let’s start with the observation that I remain licensed and “active” with the Mallett Real Estate agency. I am not, however, actively seeking clients or pursuing that business. (One reason I remain actively licensed is that I continue to teach licensing courses and believe that keeping some degree of involvement is necessary to remain an effective instructor.) I will continue to work with select clients.

I’ll admit I’ve also been a bit scattered with my interests–or at least it might appear so to the casual observer. Two significant changes in the past year are signing up as a substitute elementary school teacher and releasing my book. There is a pattern in this. I love to work with kids. Unfortunately, they don’t buy and sell much real estate.

Given this focus, one of the questions I am currently facing is “What to do with this site?” My other site (Brain Leaks and Musings) has been where I’ve historically featured my classes, courses, and writing. This site has focused on real estate from the consumer’s perspective.

My current thinking is to keep this site fundamentally the same, but tweak it a bit so that it also serves as a resource for students and alumni of real estate courses. I have always believed that well-informed consumers make the best clients, so if anything, the site may increase in value for those who are considering buying or selling real estate.

I’ll also probably distract folks with off-topic stuff occasionally!

Ironically, enrollments in real estate courses seem to be on the increase-some would say an indication of the business turning positive. One thing that would help the market is better informed licensees and consumers, so I will do my best to help!

As always, if you have questions or suggestions, please let me know.