Dec 112012

That’s not as crazy as you might think. Sure, things have been tough… but this really is a great time to get started. Before you can practice, you’re going to need to complete an approved course, pass an exam, and get a license from the state. But just because you have to do something doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Walter keeps the class interesting with anecdotal stories that put law into real terms. Good sense of humor!

Maine Law requires you to successfully complete a 55 hour course and pass a state exam… there’s a course starting in Bangor this spring on March 6th. Get started and get in now!

Very interactive class was pleasant and enough breaks to not feel overwhelmed.

Walter’s real estate licensing classes are offered through the Arthur Gary School of Real Estate. For complete course details and to register visit the school’s website at or call the school at 856-1712.

If you have questions about starting a career in real estate, email Walter… find out what it’s like and why you’ll love to learn!