Scam Alert!

 Posted by at 4:20 pm
Oct 292012

The Maine Association of REALTORS recently issued a scam alert to its members. Apparently inquires are being made via emails to the listing brokers of fairly pricey properties. All were from buyers from other countries stating that they had found their dream home online, had viewed all the pictures, and wanted to buy the home sight unseen. The emails were well written and sounded legitimate.

MAR warns that while these may be legitimate, they also could constitute a scam. Certainly buyers from other countries buy homes in Maine. What raises suspicion is the fact there have been a number of these inquiries around the state following the same pattern. Following up, slowly, carefully, and gently with the purported buyers is urged.

Previous scams have earned the trust of the agent prior to a request for account information into which to send their money. In previous scams there also has occasionally been a check or a wire issued with a reques for “change.” The original check or wire then turns out to be bogus. Or, they simply gain the account information and raid the account.

While this latest round of inquiries been addressed to licensees, it is entirely possible people who are trying to sell their own home could become a target. Be a little suspicious!