Peace At Last?

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Apr 252012

Regular site visitors and subscribers know that I usually have way too much fun with statistics… but here’s one I might just leave alone. According to a “think tank” in Australia, Maine is is the most peaceful state in America. There was lots of good news… including the “fact” that the United States had (in 2011) the most peaceful year in twenty years. It probably helps that across the country the murder rate is down 50% from 1991.

I can’t share too many more statistics without starting to question the conclusions, but there are some interesting numbers. One estimate says that “the average taxpayer pays $3,257 per year on violence and violence containment, while the total economic cost is $460 billion.” I think I’d rather go back to “Maine is the most peaceful…”

This morning as I gaze out the window it’s quite foggy… after a drenching rain there’s this sense of potential… you just know that when the sun comes out the grass is going to come tearing out of the ground so fast we’ll be able to hear it squeaking… the trees have that “fat” look that means any moment the leaves will burst open…

All is well in this corner of the world.



A Little Humor…

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Apr 122012

This story has been floating around the internet for a while…

An agent wanted to congratulate his clients on their recent closing. He decided a nice arrangement of flowers would fit the bill.

Later that week, his client called him, perplexed: “Why did you send me a bouquet of flowers that said ‘Rest in Peace’?”

Furious, the agent called the florist about the mix-up. After tearing into the florist for five minutes on the phone, the florist cleared his throat and said: “Sir, I’m terribly sorry for the mistake. But imagine this: Somewhere last week there was a funeral with a bouquet that said: ‘Congratulations on your new home!'”

And if you think these sort of things never happen, some years ago a friend of mine went to visit his wife in the hospital… she greeted him with “Who is Bill?” It took a while for them to sort out what had happened… he’d hurried by the closed florist shop and stuck a scribbled note in the door with the instruction to send flowers to his wife from him and the kids “and bill” (meaning send him a bill)…The flowers arrived “With love from him, the kids, and Bill.”