There’s More Orange Than Leaves

 Posted by at 4:08 pm
Sep 202011

It’s that time of year when I remind folks to don their orange vests and hats when wandering very far off the beaten path. For that matter, it makes sense to wear some orange ON the beaten paths. Consider it a fashion statement if you’d like, but also consider it a mandatory bit of safety equipment.

From now until the end of the year there are plenty of different hunting seasons–instead of trying to figure out if it’s “okay” to go into the woods, just wear the orange. But you’re on posted land? It’s Sunday? I don’t recommend you count on everybody following all the rules.

Besides which, if you’re traveling with someone else, it’s easier to find and see each other.  Unless of course the foliage is at peak and one of you is buried in a pile of orange leaves!