Low Downpayment Buyers Note!

 Posted by at 9:59 am
Aug 302011

Occasionally taking what appears to be a minority position has its rewards! Several months ago I posted a plea for some objectivity regarding the proposed Qualified Residential Mortgage Requirements. While much of the industry is predicting doom and gloom over the proposed requirements, there’s much to be said in favor of them.

Well, in an article published by RIS Media, I’m joined by a writer who at least somewhat shares my perspective. He offers an interesting twist, however, by pointing out an impact of the doom and gloom predictions. “It seems the speculation and debate surrounding QRM is causing some low-downpayment home buyers to believe they will not be able to obtain financing.”

Interesting–and it makes sense. Those who are crying that these new requirements will “kill” the real estate market, are actually contributing to the depression?

What’s actually needed right now is concrete, objective information. Yes, underwriting standards are higher, but at the same time rates are at historic lows. Those lows mean lower payments and lower payments mean more people can qualify based on debt ratios. Prices are lower. There’s a lot going on that makes it feasible for many more people to buy and “low down payment” mortgages are not going to cease to exist.

The best advice for potential real estate buyers is “turn off the television and put down the newspaper and contact a real estate and/or mortgaging professional and get some credible information regarding your specific situation.”