Cheap Maine Land!

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Apr 252011

An “inside joke” among Maine REALTORS has always been out-of-state buyers who call or email asking about “cheap Maine land.” A few years ago I developed a trade show exhibit that involved a bucket of dirt, a scoop, some plastic bags and a sign that read, “Cheap Maine Land-five cents per scoop!”

Whether property is on the market due to foreclosure, short sale, or just a desperate seller, price is now an important aspect of nearly every transaction.  While buyers can find some real bargains, all too often there’s just too much emphasis put on the bargain at the expense of common sense and basic diligence. Sometimes it seems like it’s not about buying a home or property, it’s about getting the lowest possible price.

Some things haven’t changed.  Common real estate logic used to be “location, location, location.” That logic really hasn’t changed. Property values are still dramatically impacted by location both at the macro and micro level.  Unless your goal in life is to live in a cheap home, you ought also to be looking at neighborhoods, school districts, infrastructure, local economy, amenities, etc.

But you aren’t going to live there you say? I recall getting an excited call from a Boston-based buyer back when one of our local towns lost a major employer. He explained that he’d heard you could buy homes there for “pennies on the dollar” and he wanted five of them. When I inquired of his long range plans, he explained his intention was to turn them into rental properties and garner a great return on his investment.  He hadn’t, of course, considered who he was going to get for tenants.  I occasionally have to explain that my “job” sometimes is to talk people OUT of doing things.

There is something to be said for “at this price I can’t afford not to buy it,” but there still needs to be some caution—especially when dealing with vacant homes that can deteriorate quickly.  Again, logic suggests that you should determine the true cost of owning the home you are considering. A professional home inspection will do that by reporting issues that should be addressed immediately and some that will require attention over time.

It’s strangely ironic that in an earlier market one could sometimes stifle interest by pricing a property too low. Buyers would suspect there was something wrong and avoid considering it! This was also a time when buyers would often require prodding and pushing to do the research and make decisions. Buyers were afraid of making a bad decision. Now it seems like many buyers are afraid to purchase because the price might go lower. A bad decision at a rock-bottom price is still a bad decision!