Living in the Northeast

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Feb 262011

Thanks to one of my favorite magazines and websites I went on a mental journey this morning. Parts of it went back over fifty years to the memory of gathering sap with my Dad. Our tools then were bit and brace, an old truck with a home-made tank on the back, some shiny new buckets we picked up at the railroad station. My journey began when I read the ongoing blog “Dispatch from the Sugar Woods” by David Mance III.

I made another turn at an article regarding The Secret Life of Snow. This article is part of a weekly column called “The Outside Story” – a weekly column on forestry subjects, natural history, and ecology syndicated in dozens of newspapers.

I could have travelled a lot longer and further. I might even have bought a diameter tape and 10-factor prism or looked at some resources available to teachers. Instead, I decided to rush here and tell you about The Northland Woodlands magazine and Center for Education. The mission of the center is “to advance a culture of forest stewardship in the Northeast and to increase understanding of and appreciation for the natural wonders, economic productivity and ecological integrity of the region’s forests.”

If you live in the Northeast—or want to—these are folks you want to know and this is a site you’ll want to visit. One thing that may surprise you is that this is a “non-profit” organization that actually sticks to its mission. In fact, I’d been reading the magazine for a long time before I realized the non-profit nature. They produce a quality content-rich publication. The writing is superb and the information is both interesting and informative.

Journey on over to Northern Woodlands.  Then see where your mouse and your mind take you. I’ll bet you have fun and learn something too!