Who’s Buying Maine?

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Feb 132011

The answer might surprise you!

For several years now, MREIS (Maine Real Estate Information System) has tracked where buyers of Maine property live(d) when they purchased the property. The 2010 data has just been summarized and I’ve tabulated some of the results–specifically single family homes.

The data shows that three out of four (76.5%) of the single family homes sold in Maine last year were sold to people already living in Maine.

When we add the New England States we learn that just over 90% of the homes sold in Maine last year were sold to people already living in the Northeast.  (Massachusetts accounts for 7.17%, New Hampshire 3.7%, New York 1.45%, Connecticut 1.3% and Vermont .43%.)

One item that I confess surprised me a little was that 1.3% of the sales were to buyers from Florida. I suppose these might be “seasonal” homes, but we could wonder if perhaps a few people are trading some sun for some snow.

While the numbers aren’t statistically significant it is interesting to note that the states of Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, Texas and Maryland have provided Maine with a number of buyers and 43 (.36%) of the homes sold were purchased by “International” buyers. And would the one person from Mississippi who bought a home in Maine last year please raise his or her hand?

“What about land?” you say. The numbers are not signficantly different. Just under 76% of land sales in 2010 were made to buyers already living in Maine.