Goodbye, Facebook “Like”

 Posted by at 7:04 am
Nov 262010

For a brief period of time after redesigning this site, you may have noticed a “Like” button on posts and pages. You may now notice that it’s gone. I haven’t had any complaints over it’s absence, but would still like to offer an explanation.

We can certainly debate the value of social media to the real estate business… and discuss at length the entire phenomena. My decision not to provide the “like” link was not terribly grandiose; it was practical and based on these factors.

  1. My sense is that most people do not realize how much information they have given Facebook and what happens to it. The value of Facebook is also the negative–sharing information can become intrusive. In order to “like” a page on this site you are required to allow Facebook to access and use your personal information. Personally, I don’t think you should have to do that just to “like” a website page or blog post.
  2. While I’m willing to be “friends” with clients and colleagues on Facebook I’m not a big user. For one thing it’s time consuming. For another thing, there are some lines I draw. I’ve seen other agents “discuss” clients and other business activity on Facebook and, while they’ve probably not violated the letter of the law, it’s just not the way I choose to do business.
  3. I also make some choices regarding how I choose to live. One of those choices is to admit that most people aren’t THAT interested in what I’m doing every day. I confess to finding some entertainment at reading some of the things folks announce to the world… they’ve overslept… broke a nail (I’m serious)… You don’t have to know me very long to know that’s not my style.
  4. While I like being liked, I’ll be just as happy if you try the share botton–the best form of liking this site or an individual post is telling others about it. My original intent hasn’t changed: this site is meant to be a resource. I’m not entering popularity contests.

Just for the record, I’m not “anti-Facebook.” I am in favor of making decisions deliberately. The fact that you can do something doesn’t mean you should.