Orange Is Not Just For Hunters

 Posted by at 9:33 am
Oct 112010

The Irish talk about the “wearing of the green.” This is the time of year when we talk about the “wearing of the orange” in Maine. Simply stated, it’s just not a good idea to wander very off the beaten path withough wearing some orange this time of year.

For a complete list of 2010 Hunting Seasons visit the Maine IFW site. But it’s actually far easier just to keep an orange hat and vest in the vehicle and slip it on when you hike or look at rural/wooded property.  Maine hunters are required to complete a hunter safety course before becoming licensed (I recommend it for anyone who spends time in the woods) but accidents do happen.

Now here’s something I haven’t considered before… currently there’s plenty of color in the woods (orange, red, yellow)… should we wear a second color to make sure we stand out!?