Jul 212010

An expression we don’t use so much any more in the computer world is “Garbage in = Garbage Out.” Nonetheless, over the past week or so we’ve taken a fair amount of “garbage” out of this blog–it’s installation and content–as a result of a recent upgrade. Doing so required some help and I have to give three cheers to the WPDude (WP=WordPress, the software the site is based on). The first cheer is for his response time. The second cheer is for his technical ability. The third cheer is for being extremely easy to do business with. (I’m still amazed at the fact that he’s “over there” (England) and we had a seamless experience and transaction.)

There are still a few bumps to work out… one of the “victims”  of the upgrade was my categories and it’s going to take a while for me to go back and recategorize all posts. In the interim you might try the “search” routine to find information regarding specific topics. I’m also still exploring some of the new capabilities I’ve gained… so you can expect ongoing improvements and enhancements.

Thanks for your patience during the transition…  and don’t be bashful with your comments and sugggestions.