Jul 122010

If you’re a regular visitor you may have noticed some weird stuff going on with the site… including the loss of categories and the site being down on occasion over the weekend.  If I could tell you why, I’d fix it! (It appears to be the result of a recent attempt to upgrade WordPress, the blogging program used.) Be assured I’m attempting to get things back in order… and if you are WordPress user, I’d love to pick your brain!

Thanks for your patience…

And since my contact and legally required information has disappeared… please note that I am licensed with Maine Choice Realty, 118 Moosehead Trail, Newport ME 04953.

Update, July 19th… As we say in Maine, we’re gainin’! Fundamentally, everything seems to be working… there’s still lots of tweaking and some minor fixing due to an upgrade (more about that later)… stay tuned, check back!

  • Marilyn

    Technology is grand – when it works!