Craig’s List Scams

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Mar 242010

Scammers are continuing to scrape pictures and data about homes to create fake ads on Craig’s List.  Sometimes they even include the owner’s name (easily found through online searches or calling a Registry) to make them appear more authentic. Often they say they are out of the country (that part is true) and ask that deposit money be sent to them.  The rent is typically far below market, and the effort is to get anyone to electronically transmit “deposits” to them. As soon as that happens, the money and ad disappears.  In other instances, potential renters and buyers appear at the property to look at it, and the seller is then angry. If this happens, contact your listing agent or Craig’s List immediately to remove it, report it to local authorities and to Maine’s Attorney General’s Office.

(This information originated from the Maine Association of Realtors.)