What About Foreclosures in Maine?

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Apr 162009

Speaking of hope…

According to RealtyTrac, there’s sufficient reason to believe Maine is in fairly good shape nationally when it comes to foreclosures. Maine ranked 39th in the country in February foreclosure filings. Of course there is some balance in the observation that foreclosure activity was up nearly 29 percent from the previous year, a number that just about matches the national trend.

Stop and answer this question in your mind! How many foreclosures were filed in Maine during the month of February? Come on, take a guess!

York County leads the state in foreclosures, recording 40 percent of the 261 new filings recorded statewide in February. Sometimes it does seem overwhelming… and while 261 foreclosure filings in one month isn’t “good news,” looking at the actual numbers can create perspective.

Apr 162009

With apologies to Madam Defarge, it is the best of times; it was the worst of times… it is the spring of hope; it was the winter of dispair.

Spring does tend to be the season of hope. I always enjoy “walking land” but it’s the most fun in the spring… There’s promise in the fat buds developing on trees. The ground seems almost to “swell” as the flora prepares to  “pop up” through the brown remnants of winter–predictable surprises–if a surprise can be predictable.  Unfortunately for some landowners, sometimes spring surprises are not pleasant when trash “pops up” as the snow recedes. 

The Maine Forest Service will investigate illegal dumping. One of the biggest challenges in investigating these cases is the lack of evidence. Nearly thirty percent of litter cases do not get prosecuted due to lack of evidence. Landowners, sportsman and outdoor recreational enthusiasts (including real estate folks!) can help Rangers investigate these cases by providing information when littering or suspicious behavior has been observed.

The Maine Forest Service recently published some tips for landowners to reduce littering on forested land:

  1. Monitor areas where illegal dumping is likely to occur frequently and contact the Maine Forest Service (1-800-750-9777) if you see evidence of littering. If possible, Continue reading »