Subscription Feature Available!

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Feb 182009

Tried and tested… and it seems to be working great! Just check out the upper left hand corner of this page. There’s a space to enter your email address… then click “subscribe” and presto! No more remembering to check the site… you’ll get an email every time a new post appears! (Typically not more than five or six times per month… a very manageable number!)

Feb 132009

As an instructor with the Piscataquis Valley Adult Education, I’m excited to tell you that the Maine Adult Education Association has launched the Maine Adult Education website, which offers a searchable, comprehensive list of courses and programs offered throughout the State. The site also enables Mainers to register for courses.

The Maine Department of Education collected fall registration data from around the state and found that those reporting showed a 29% increase in registration over the previous year. According to the Maine Adult Education Association, since the site went online on January 5, it has logged more than 11,000 visitors and about 500 online registrations.

The Maine Adult Education website is located at

(Thanks to Representative Pete Johnson for contributing to this information.)


Preventing Foreclosure

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Feb 122009

Here’s a little known fact… or maybe it’s a claim because I truly haven’t verified it. If you’ve tried the traditional routes to prevent foreclosure on your home (talking to your lender, looking into various loan modification programs) a more aggressive approach is to seek out a consumer attorney through an organization such The National Association of Consumer Advocates. We’re told that virtually all loan documents have errors or other provisions that may make it difficult for the lender to foreclose.  So it might make sense not to give up too quickly!