Oct 112008

One somewhat interesting aspect of recent events is that people have stopped asking “So how’s the real estate market.” I guess they think they know and that might be unfortunate. One of the recent quotes being bantered about is “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” Well, if the media is your “friend” and primary source of information, you just might be in trouble.

Regular readers will know that my answer to the market question is “My clients are doing fine.” That answer hasn’t changed.

But I was asked a different question recently, “How much real estate are you going to sell next year?” The question had an edge to it—a challenge that I suspect was meant to prove uncertainty and more trouble ahead. My answer to that question was, “Exactly as much as I decide.”

Shortly after that, my good friend and colleague Jack Falvey sent me a copy of a letter he wrote to a first year sales representative. I’d been impatiently waiting for Jack’s take on the current situation because I knew it would be a gem. As a long-time student of Jack’s I also knew he’d probably do a better job of explaining my philosophy than I would! He said it would be okay for me to share this with my clients and friends.

Dear Tom:

If you joined the USMC at the right time you could have been in on the amphibious landing on Iwo Jima. You may not have been in the flag raising photo but you would be a part of history.

Most of those Marines had no idea what was going on. They just went “to work” everyday. Most were eighteen or nineteen years old. Most survived but given the choice they would have just as soon been someplace else. But they were where they were and that’s where you are. You are making history.

You have exactly the same challenge. Keep your head down, shoot back, help your buddies and pray a lot. If someone begins to put up a flag give them a hand and get in the picture. Continue reading »